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Transports and distributes ammonia in Thailand’s region and international market. In addition, the company also provides ammonia storage tank installation service for clients’ efficient utilization of ammonia.

  • Imports ammonia from world-class manufacturers.
  • Ammonia storage tanks of 20,000 tons capacity with safety guaranteed by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • Liquid warehouse storage that carries over 300 tons of ammonia per month.
  • Reputable transportation’s efficiency: high safety measures, standardized, and accepted by Thailand’s leading companies.
  • After service support provided to clients by company’s professional maintenance team.


Ammonium Hydroxide

Distributes ammonium hydroxide, which is to be further utilized in tire manufacturing industry, cleansing products industry and the etching process of electronics. Furthermore, ammonium hydroxide is also to be utilized as factory’s air pollution treatment, laboratory cleansing substance and for medical use.

  • Comprise of ammonium hydroxide manufacture that produces over 1,000 tons of ammonium hydroxide per month.
  • Operates, controls, and transports manufacturing process with standards
  • High volume of products are supplied within energy and manufacturing industries.


Sulfuric Acid

Imports and distributes sulfuric acid that is essential for chemical products utilized in manufacturing processes

  • Imports sulfuric acid from world-class manufacturers: Switzerland, Korea, and Japan.
  • Highly secured warehouse system for sulfuric acid storage of over 35,000 tons capacity.
  • Regular safety training courses provided for employees to promote safety transport of product to clients.​

Warehousing Services

The Company has the available space in the warehouse building to serve customers who need to store that space for materials and finished goods such as Plastic beads and Silica etc., for import/export and distribution, with the warehouse space of approximately 90,000 square meters, including provide an open yard, such as machinery and equipment etc.


Logistics and Liquid Storage Services

The Company also provides Logistics and Liquid storage to store Ammonia and Sulfuric acid to customers who need liquid storage and also provide inventory management services to meet the needs of our customers, including liquid cargo loading / unloading services for transportation by vehicles.

At present, the Company has a total of 56,835 tons of liquid storage services, divided into storage for Ammonia and Sulfuric acid with capacity of 21,835 tons and 35,000 tons, respectively.


Port Services

The Company provides the port service for customers in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate due to bulk cargo and liquid cargo that can accommodate 60,000 DWT cargo vessels but port must be approved by IEAT from time to time, such as Cold rolled coils,

Hot Rolled Coil, Structural steel, Coal, Gypsum, etc., as well as pier and other utility services provided.



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