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NFC Public Company Limited

NFC Public Company Limited (“the Company”) was first established under the name of National Fertilizer Company Limited on 11 November 1982 (under a national fertilizer project of a government sector). It was a joint investment between the government sector and a private sector for manufacturing purpose of bulk blending fertilizers. The Company is located at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong Province with initially registered capital in the amount of 50 million Baht and, consequently, has been promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI)

Latterly, in January 1993, the Company began to sell fertilizers to the market by import of prefabricated chemical fertilizers under the trademark of “National Fertilizer” in order to create a market base at the beginning before the Company was manufacturing and distributing the products made from the Company’s factory. The Company submitted the Ministry of Commerce to increase its registered capital from 2,250 million Baht to be 4,000 million Baht on 13 October 1995 and has been transformed into a public limited company under the name of National Fertilizer Public Company Limited then has been listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand from 26 August 1996. On 28th June 2017 NFC Fertilizer Public Company Limited has decided to change the company names (trade names) to NFC Public Company Limited, this name is better reflect on our new business activities..

Later in August 2018, the Company established a subsidiary, NFCT Co.ltd to operate an oil terminal capacity of 90 million liters to strengthen regional’s fuel distribution network, respond to the needs of the Thai transportation sector and respond to the government’s policy to promote investments in the Eastern Economic Corridor : EEC

Meaning of golden oil
drop in the middle
Refers to operations involving the valuable liquid commodities which are the main incomes.
Meaning of white
White route from top to bottom is the integrated logistics of both land and marine transportation.
To sustainable integrate the company business including with production, trading, warehouse in the ASEAN region.
To acheive our vision and mission based on the satisfaction of our stakeholders, we steadily implement the buisness regarding the short-term and long-term goals. The implementation would proactively conform with the ethics, virtue, and profession by warmly one heart and one mind.
  • In order to acheive the vision, we would sustainingly, continuously, and constanly grow and develop.
  • In order to acquire the proper investment return, we would transparently implement our business.
  • In order to acquire the proper investment return, we would transparently implement our business.
  • We consistently implement our business based on the social responsibility.

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Safety Standard for SMEs : sss ปี 2561

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